Everyone wants success, that’s obvious. Who wants to fail?

A big question with the answer starring at you right in this article which is “NOBODY”.

I am very sure you have never looked yourself in a mirror and say ” I’m gonna fail” that’s not possible I believe. In my own world though! Lol.

If you’re an aspirant, or an aspiring blogger who gets by every day with hope and believe in your future, this article will surely help you on your journey.

Let’s do a bit of introduction;

I am Tobi Oluwatoyin. A young man with two combined worlds. Sounds funny? Yes. That’s because I blog entrepreneurship.

It took me four years to understand what needs to be done in the blogging world which is why you shouldn’t go through the shallow learning method. I always will and won’t stop helping you guys achieve success.

Don’t get carried away, that’s a little about myself. That would help you know the real passion I put to writing this to help you out.

If you really are the passionate kind of blogger and you want a real-time success and progress, here are things you must focus on when starting or building your blogging world.


#1. Read successful blogger’s blog.

Learning never ends.

In the past, right now and in the future, bloggers (will) keep depending on information and advises that comes from the successful one’s to survive and work it out.

As a blogger, I read an average of 10-15 articles daily on blogging. This is a true key.

In 2017, i learned a lot more about SEO and monetization. If myself can learn as much as successful bloggers do, then I won’t be lacking in the competition.

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The bigger benefit of learning about things is that you can relate two things and bring something better out to explain better to your audience.

The more you read, the more access you get to vast and meaningful content that gives you power to teach it out in a more easier and simpler way.

Learn as much as you can. That’s a sure key and your first step to becoming a successful blogger.


#2. Find Mentors.

Blogging looks easy but has never been so easy especially if you’re a beginner.

To setup a blog would be easily done just by paying a developer. Will you pay for every single step needed to move forward?

If you want to grow more, you must always search for people who are smarter than you.

Having mentors can benefit you in a variety  of settings.

Mentors will show you how they made it. Even the best readers don’t get hundred percent information online and likewise, nobody is ever perfect.

It won’t be possible for bloggers to put everything that has occurred into writing in full details, but when you strengthen the relationship, you get to know and understand more of how it’s supposed to be.

If you possibly don’t know where to start, here’s a list of twenty two(22) successful bloggers you can turn to for mentorship.

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Don’t let social media fool nor trick you into believing successful bloggers made it with ease.

The journey has never been easy.

In #2 above, I wrote a list of bloggers you might want to consult for mentorship. You can read about what they did to become successful and how much they’re earning every month.


Lesson from Successful Bloggers Listed above.

All bloggers I’ve listed above are all writing from diverse niche, but they’re all making passive income and really impressive amount every month.

Do you happen to read the article linked in #3 (how much these bloggers are making and how they did)? Is there anything common among the things all these bloggers have been doing?

Well! It’s a yes. Let’s not call it their secret. They’re probably smarter then that.

When I started this article I said, “knowledge is power and learning never ends”.

See what these bloggers are doing;

  • They all know almost everything that concerns their niche. If possible they don’t, they already have that in their learning plan.
  • They interpret complex ideas to simple language every amateur can understand.
  • Their articles are captivating. You’ll always want to keep reading, reference it or end up eventually saving and bookmarking it.

If you really want to be like them, developing skills and influence like theirs requires a lot of time, dedication, consistency and more patience.

If you’re ready for that, you can also become a very successful blogger.


#4. Think More

Blogs posts Ranking in top search results don’t just happen for happening sake.

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Successful bloggers spends more (and a lot of) time thinking about things to write before grabbing their keyboard.

Start thinking before you write. Think more and more.

If you’re a fast writer and want to write for just 15minutes, Spend 1-2hours phrasing your article before writing.



You need to understand that as a blogger, things won’t go and come easily. (Things might not always go your way).

That happens not only in blogging though!

As time passes, you will feel your own progress as you dedicate yourself to learning.

It wasn’t easy for anyone at first, even the successful ones earning thousands and millions of dollars every month.

You have an advantage to make them your mentor, pick their lessons and build your own empire.

A thousand mile walk begins with a single step forward.

Take that giant step starting from today.

Start your own Blog here for less than $20.