Having some issues with SEO?

Do you have any trouble getting your articles rank high in Google search?

Did you just say “yes”? If so, get your right hand on your chest and relax because you’re in the right place.

I have blogged for over four years already before I could realise the meaning of SEO. Sounds horrible right? Well! At that time I read a lot less.

If you’re actually here concentrating on reading this article, you’re probably better than I was in my early years of blogging.

Knowledge is always power they say; yes information like this will turn on (and influence) your blogging career positively.

Ready to learn, read on;

If you have gone through the primary process of Getting a domain and Hosting your blog, you’re good to go with this article.


#1. Use Real-Time engaging Topics

Choosing your topic is the first step to  can be sometimes more crucial than it looks.

According to google webmaster, do not create titles for search engines but for your users.

Your users needs some attraction to say “this article is worth reading”. No matter how fine your blog looks, people always need a reason to click on or read your post.

Write your articles and topics about things anyone in your niche would want to read at the sight of your topic.

I’ve seen several (and lots) of articles shared on social medias with titles that are not convincing enough to make me click on them. I just scroll past them.


Make this a #1 priority. If you don’t know how to choose a topic for your next article, seek advice from experts around you, or use some title suggestion tools.

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#2. Use SEO friendly slug

If you really don’t know how to use and edit your slug to make it SEO friendly, here’s a good chance to.

What’s a slug? This is an editable hyperlink that points to your article.

A slug is usually generated automatically from your post title but changeable.


Care to edit or change your slug if;

  • You want a memorable and short link to your article.
  • You intentionally want a custom link to tour post.
  • Using the wrong slug can impact your article ranking negatively.


See example of a well edited slug as seen on Melyssa Griffin’s blog.

melyssagriffin.com screenshots of article title books about blogging

The first picture below is showing us a powerful seo presence. This article ranks first or search on “”.

A screenshot of melyssa’s article ranking first on google.


And here’s a screenshots of her well structured slug

Hope you understand how to make good use of slug to boost your site’s SEO.


#3. Use Yoast to your advantage.

Yoast SEO has been of great help to bloggers over the years. Still, many doesn’t fully understand how Yoast can be used in a total fascinating way to boost your ranking.

Download Yoast Here

These yoast tips will help;

  • Make sure you use a keyword that appears in your Post’s slug.
  • Use subheadings right. (I would suggest you necessarily create a writing rule for your blog) such as capitalization and heading formats.
  • Add a very straightforward article snippet.
  • Always follow the Yoast rules
  • Lastly, Never rush while dealing with Yoast.
  • Use yoast highlight tool “the eye symbol in screenshots below” to correct SEO mistakes.
yoast screenshots of this particular article you’re reading

Here’s a screenshots of how i have used yoast on my previous articles;

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Doing all these leads to #4 which is also a very crucial way to rank high in search engines.


#4. Always Use and rename your featured images.

Like I said in #3, never rush your article. The more  you try to rush, the more mistake you make and you would have no time to correct them.

Always design your featured images yourself. That’s the best advice to beat down some trivial copyright issues.

Rename your article featured image according or exactly with your slug title. Make sure this is accurate.

No SEO hack beats getting your image rank top on searches along your article.


For every new and existing bloggers, these tips listed above are very important to kick start your search engine optimization.

This article is very short indeed and I hope it helps you execute your SEO plans the right way.


Thank you for reading. I wish you a successful blogging journey.