Building a successful anything seems weird but yes you can. Ranging from small business to blogging, writing, teaching and any other things or professions you could think of.

This article you’re reading is not a cure-all. It doesn’t promise you an instant turnaround in your career the moment you start scrolling down the screen.

With my effort in bringing these key factors together, and your commitment, this write-up requires action on your own path to put these ideas into daily practice.

However, I want to share my strong belief with you that if you make a concerted effort to follow these five essentials written here, you will be measurably more progressive and successful more than you are today looking back a year from now.

Sometimes, when most people encounter some of the ideas you’re about to read, they discount them immediately by saying something like: “this is so simple, isn’t it obvious!” When I hear that I ask these questions:


  • Is it “simple” enough for you to implement them on a daily basis after reading what you read?
  • Was it really “obvious’ before you read what you read?

You won’t find long discourses on these points but enough to get you to apply them in your daily and weekly activities.

Here’s a list of five essentials to help you build a successful anything.


1). Be obsessed with it

Basically and professionally, you must like what you’re doing for a living — enough to get obsessed with it. Not fifteen hours daily obsessed; rather, ” i have to absolutely do this right day in and day out” obsession.

Every day, I work at least 6-10 hours online and on my blog especially; Reading blogs, updating my site, learning and writing about entrepreneurs and more. Once I do this, I usually get encouraging results for sure.

In order for you to be successful in anything, you must be positively obsessed with your work while doing it. You have to be so dedicated to your ideas in a way that would make your efforts pay off.

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An obsession that has no place for watching the clock, wishing it’s time for a break. That doesn’t mean there’s you shouldn’t have time for all these things in your life — just that it should be different while you’re working.

When you’re working, it doesn’t mean you should take yourself so serious that you become a workaholic heir and have a heart attack at your early twentieth or thirtieth. It simple means you need to take a commitment to yourself, and build up a routine that is hundred percent success oriented.

We should note that obsession without discipline mostly will result in chaos. As obsessive ad you want to get about being successful, all that energy must be coupled with discipline else you’re not going to get anywhere.

2). Utilization and Implementation

This means utilizing everything at your disposal to increase your success. In a way, it’s being obsessive about getting most from your environment.

Check through as much as possible information, brochures and catalogs to learn more on everything you know or need to know.

Read books, listen to motivational tapes or podcasts. In short to put you on the right track, utilize everything you have available. Be creative.

If you prefer, just do it. Make the effort. All books and articles in this world will never help you if you don’t try to take step.

Take nothing for granted, and don’t get bogged down with over-preparation. Do what you have to do.

I realize that research has its place. But you should never forget that if you don’t make the calls by taking action, your efforts are going to be in vain.

To make it simpler, you can make a to-do list. Identify important objectives before you start the day; then work yourself up (moderately) to attain those objectives on your list.

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3). Get out of saying “I’ll do it later”

Whatever it is you have to do, start doing it right now from where you are.

Getting things done at the right and appropriate time will influence your lifestyle’s progress positively.

I’ve found myself hooked up in several situations when I know there’s actually time to do things that needs to be taken care of but I feel like it can wait and believe me this affected a lot of things in my own career.

Some months back I remember putting things together on Legends Motivation. I have about six article drafts that are supposed to be completed and published at due time but guess what, I didn’t finish these articles. Why? Just because I was handling something else I keep telling myself “I’ll to do it later”.

The fact is if I’ve taken just thirty minutes, an hour or two off my tasks, those tasks would have been accomplished and I wouldn’t have to keep other important things till next time.

I never believed I could start achieving so much until the moment I don’t keep things till next time. Be it writing or anything else that affects your career, do them fast and see how things turn around.

4). Don’t get distracted

By giving your tasks detailed attention, you will, in return get good results.

Many people are so busy running down their checklist of things to do and they forget what they’re really dealing with, and start focusing on things that have nothing to do with their initial task. Accordingly, you need to concentrate on what you’re doing; don’t daydream or get sidetracked.

When you get distracted, you lose focus. You begin to fidget; you wonder what’s up for lunch; you think about the movie you’re going to later; you let your mind wander when it shouldn’t be wandering.

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If you get tired at a point, it’s okay to take a nap. Not getting things straight will definitely impact your tasks negatively — so take your time and do your things with a mind that never gets distracted.

5). Never focus on negatives

I’ve worked with, met and come across many people, and I’ve come to conclusion that there some certain people who spent their time inventing and reinforcing obstacles.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. We all have some problems, every single day. But some people get into the ring half beaten, and some enters considering the battle half won.

It’s common for anyone to complain about their results. But it’s not necessarily a walking on water result, but at the very least keeping your head above the water is a good result.

If you’re not making any progress, complaining about everything in sight is only going to add more your problem. Not only will you be wasting valuable time you could be using to find the available solutions.

Stay positive. Stay upbeat. You are your own greatest asset; focusing on negative things keeps you from performing at your peak.


I have seen a lot progress in everything — applying these factors in my daily living and you can also do as much. We all want more progress right?

No matter how you’re viewing things to be, keep your motivation up. This article can be a good start. Whatever your approach, make a commitment to find one new idea weekly or monthly to run with.

Start early, get to it before anyone else does. Wake up early; don’t see it as an inconvenience but rather as an advantage. And just get along with it.

Don’t forget to be obsessive but disciplined. Utilize everything you have at your fingerprints; then implement. Remember, obsession without discipline equals chaos.

Hope this article gives you a new routine to success.