Y/our habits have a large part to play in the daily successes and failures that you encounter. Whether you pick them up knowingly or unknowingly, any habits can have a deep impact on the outcome of y/our day and can determine whether or not we become a success. The idea that y/our habits might have an effect on y/our live may sound too simplistic for some, but just think about the difference that some of our most basic habits can make. Like saying ‘thank-you’, eating good meals at the right meal times, brushing your teeth etc.

Y/our habits make up a large portion of y/our day, so why not try and adopt more positive, productive habits that can help you to become more successful? Changing or replacing destructive habits for more beneficial ones provides a simple way of getting on track to living a better life. So, why not start replacing some of your habits today? Below are the five top habits of successful people and I’d advise you to adopt them.

Five Basic Habits of Successful People and How You Can Adopt Them

Habit #1. Thoughtfulness

Non-arguably, one of the most impressive habits that have been adopted by the successful is the habit of thinking deliberately. There is great power in the ability to choose y/our thoughts. It is y/our thoughts that create the real world around you!

When you pay greater attention to your thoughts, you can come to better understand how your thought patterns impact on your mood and performance. This provides the opportunity to put a stop to any thoughts that are restricting you and nurture the ones that are making you productive and happy. Attract positivity and repel negativity!

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Try to think more deliberately and become more aware of your thoughts and how you are feeling, this can really help you when it comes to making hard decisions, or doing something out of your comfort zone (as many successful people have to do!).

Habit #2. Forgiveness

When you hold on to past grievances, you’re likely to create resistance against new opportunities or experiences that might come your way. Learning to easily forgive can help you to not only grow and mature as a person but should also open your eyes to any new and exciting opportunities that await you.

Sometimes people around can hurt you, or past/recent events can cause you pain, however, if you chose to hold on to this and keep grudges it can stop you from moving on with your life. Try as much as possible to forgive others and move on from the situation, so that you can always blossom and grow in life, whilst focusing on yourself with a free mind.

Habit #3. Thankfulness

Gratitude – being thankful, is considered by many to be the ultimate key to happiness.

When you imitate gratitude as a daily habit, your world should instantly come to face more abundance and joy. This is because when you don’t stop to appreciate some things in your lives and say ‘thank you’ you become an embodiment of positivity, attracting into our lives more reasons to be thankful.

Being thankful for things you don’t yet have and that you already have in your life can only improve your mood and positivity, as well as get you excited for what your future may hold, and other great things that could come your way. This will help to keep you feeling inspired and attract more things to be thankful for in your life. When you appreciate yourself more, you will live a happy life.

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As you live, try saying ‘thank-you’ more often throughout your day and watch as more and more abundance is manifested in your life.

Habit #4. Smiling

Smiling, on a normal occasion may not sound like a life-changing habit at first, but by simply choosing to smile more, you can be doing yourself and others around you a lot of good. A simple gesture, when you smile you can instantly lift your burdens and brighten your mood.

Smiling more will put you in a much more positive state of mind.  This is greatly needed when you are hoping to have a productive day. Even better still, the more you smile the more other people should feel warm and comfortable around you.

A steady smile costs you nothing and the impact that it can have on others is priceless. So wherever you find yourself, be sure that the first new habit you put into practice today, is your smile!

Habit #5. Letting Go

For many out there, when something goes wrong in their lives, their initial reaction is to struggle against it. They become consumed with feelings of anger, sadness, and frustration. Many of us drive ourselves crazy trying to find a solution for something that has already become a part of the past.

This is where successful habit number five comes in. Letting things ‘go’ could be a way to preserve your life. Many successful people out there understand that when we try to fight against something that has already happened, it will definitely result in filling ourselves with negativity, attracting more bad emotion and upset into our lives. So, the next time life throws you a curve-ball, don’t try and put up a struggle. Just try to accept things, exactly as they are.

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