Every day, everyone wants to know how to get more followers on Instagram.  That is entirely possible, with some top and good Instagram automation services!

Year 2018 has brought around much improvement so far for technology, so many changes to many major platforms, and most recently the information breach by Facebook with that being said, almost everyone automation. Why? Because we can automate growth tasks that normally would consume all our time, so now we can grow our Instagram accounts with real followers on autopilot while focusing on something with a higher ROI return!

Instagram with over 800 million active users — approximately 500 million of whom use the platform daily — it’s little wonder that so many businesses want to be active on Instagram. With the platform’s recent introduction of a new native payments feature, it’s clear that there is greater potential for monetizing Instagram than ever before.

Whether you’re the social media manager for a small startup or you oversee several accounts at a larger agency, you know that growing an Instagram audience isn’t always – has never been easy. After all, effective Instagram marketing requires much more than posting a new photo and videos every few days.

Many people spend hours a day on social media (especially Instagram) trying to grow their profiles, engaging with others, to draw back more attention to their Instagram. I’ve discovered that there are systems in place that can help you automate these tasks while you save yourself the stress.

Luckily for you, I have invested lots of hours, days, weeks and months testing hundreds of growth/automation tools out there; however there aren’t many good ones. I’m going to save you time. Have a read below on the very helpful tools to help you grow your Instagram; this is for people who want to seriously grow their following & engagement. Forget the fake Instagram followers or likes growing a real following has far more value and can benefit you with more opportunities.

Thankfully, there are several tools now on the market that are making it easier than ever to help you grow your Instagram audience.

Here are a few that could have a big impact on your own endeavors.


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  • Magic Social: Organically grow your Instagram followers

Magic social allows you organically grow your Instagram by attracting thousands of genuine followers to your profile through advanced targeting techniques and machine learning software optimizing your profile on auto-pilot! Sit-back, relax and watch your following grow!

  • Risesocial:  Increase Your Social Exposure

Nowadays, many companies offer fake Instagram followers. Risesocial do the exact opposite. They provide you with a tailored growth strategy. They also have Instagram growth experts helping you grow your Instagram day by day.

  • Kicksta: Increases Exposure and Engagement

Growing the audience for a client account doesn’t happen passively. You need to find relevant users on Instagram and interact with them in a way that will encourage them to follow your account. While it’s not always difficult to find potential audience members, engaging with them can be very time-consuming.

Kicksta streamlines this process by essentially doing most of the heavy lifting for you. When you submit the accounts whose followers you wish to gain and Kicksta then likes posts of users who follow these top influencers. These organic interactions are a great way to gain real Instagram followers for your client — and with Kicksta, you don’t have to do the manual work yourself.

Hashtagsforlikes has carefully crafted hashtag categories so you don’t have to try find the best hashtags, you can easily download their app or use their website to select hashtags in different niches. www.hashtagsforlikes.co

Hashtagsforlikes also has a great article about how to grow your Instagram; you can read this here, which is great for beginners.

  • Woobox: Drive engagement and reach new audience

This tool’s simple campaign builder platform allows you to quickly build customized photo competitions, coupon giveaways, quizzes and other engaging content. Better still, integration with multiple platforms can allow these contests to achieve a reach that extends beyond Instagram.

FameBit is another core means of building a large Instagram following. Sponsored posts, contests and reviews can all drive new users to a client’s account. Of course, finding influencers who are willing to work with you can require a lot of trial and error. Because of this, many social media managers use FameBit, which allows them to connect directly with influencers who are interested in new campaign opportunities. By using FameBit’s system to set up your campaign type, budget, and other factors, you can quickly connect with influencers who will be the right fit for your needs.

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  • Planmypost: Visually Plan & Schedule Your Uploads

This tool will save your time! No longer must you login at that perfect posting time and craft your upload, every single day. Planmypost.com allows you to schedule your Instagram uploads ahead of time, visually plan your entire week for those peak posting times, allowing you to get more creative with your content. Planmypost also has a very powerful analytic tool on its dashboard where you can see what works & what doesn’t.

Each client’s audience is unique — but without analytics, you may never discover the differences that affect how these groups respond to your content. With its in-depth analytics tools, Iconosquare ensures that you gain the insights you need to help each of your clients accomplish their goals on Instagram.

Iconosquare even allows you to analyze performance based on the time content was posted or by which hashtags were used, allowing you to identify the little details that can make or break a client’s campaign.

  • Juicer: Resource for aggregating content

Many of you likely use Instagram in an effort to improve your web traffic — but why can’t their website help grow their Instagram audience? Juicer gives you a simple resource for aggregating content from a client’s Instagram feed on their website.

Not only does this make the website itself more engaging; it also has the potential of introducing website visitors to the client’s social media accounts. Best of all, automatic updates make this feed a truly hands-off audience builder.

Hashtags are one of Instagram’s top discovery tools (leading to an average of 12.6 percent engagement increase), but to truly benefit from hashtags, you need to know which ones to use because I use them alot.

AutoHash streamlines the process of researching and selecting hashtags for client posts by using AI to provide a list of relevant hashtags based on the objects it identifies in each photo. This way, you can quickly add the best hashtags for each post and increase the likelihood of new audiences discovering the content.

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  • Planoly: Creating and scheduling Instagram posts

With Planoly, you get what amounts to a visual organizer for your clients’ accounts, allowing you to schedule posts several weeks in advance with its drag-and-drop system.

Planoly even allows you to curate and repost content from your followers. Simplifying post-scheduling will leave you with more time to focus on activities that will bring the greatest growth to your account(s).

Social Steeze is my number one pick for ALL the providers out there when it comes to growing your Instagram. These guys assign a case manager to your account who will be looking and optimizing every day and tweaking. Social Steeze will help you grow your following in a genuine way, but you will also notice your engagement grow. The pricing is very simple, they have 2 plans, regular & pro, starting from only $15 per week.


  • LikesocialBoost Your Instagram Like Engagement

The great thing about Like Social is that rather than focusing on follower count, these guys work around the clock to grow your engagement, many brand and companies now look at the engagement ratio to your follower count. So we found that it can be beneficial to use this service alongside Social Steeze. You can visit likesocial here: Likesocial


Social10x is a powerful Instagram service that helps you boost your social media exposure; they work across all platforms & seamlessly allow you to get a quick gain in followers, likes, views. Sit back and watch your fame grow.



As you use the above tools to grow, coordinate and even automate some of your responsibilities related to Instagram account management, you’ll be better equipped than ever before to grow your clients’ audience. If you want to grow your Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, views & comments.

Well it’s important to stay away from those fake engagement providers, instead use a reputable provider like above. Your account is in safe hands with these providers. They will help you grow with Real Instagram Followers as These are highly recommend as they seem to be reliable and have a good happy customer base.

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