You might have been reading my articles about motivation in the past few months and its great you’re doing that. In this article I’ll be sharing with you the essentials on “how to keep your dreams alive”.

To keep your dreams alive, you need to do some things (not just anything but important things).

Below is an explanation of things you need to do to make your dreams come true.

1). See Your Potentials

How you personally see yourself matters because whatever you see yourself as will be the factor that will determine what you’ll become –be able to achieve. Ask yourself these questions;

  • What can I do best?
  • What are my abilities?
  • How unique am i to myself ?
  • How am I lacking or falling behind?

While answering these questions, you should’ve figured out if you will be one of those people who are ready to bring out the best in them-self without wasting their entire time and opportunity on contemplating what to do.

2). Find Your Strength

Research made it known that there are several ways to indicate strength and weakness. Sometimes, people talk more about being weak and they would say “you’re only weak because you choose to be”.  Considering this I say “no man” has ever wished or would chose to be weak, live a weak life, get oppressed by others.

Being strong and weak is not decided nor determined by choice, it is sometimes determined by the following;

  • Circumstances: “When life pulls you down, you stand again”. No matter what situation you find yourself, you have the choice to make while you can either allow your circumstances to either pull you down or take advantage of your situation and let it make you stronger.
  • Development: “Starting strong is the factor that decides how far you will go with your plans”. How good you developed yourself and your business will definitely determine how strong you’ll become.
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If you remain undeveloped, that’s the easy way as you remain on a single spot not moving forward. You can either be your own problem or your solution.

  • Environment: I have spent many years living among the less motivated kind of individuals and it makes me less motivated. This puts me in a very weak state – weak spot in fighting all challenges I have in my life at that time.

I realised even though I could fight my difficulties right now but couldn’t back then so I asked myself why? It’s because we grow and learn new things every single day that pass. If you happen to find yourself in an environment that could pull you down, it’s better to find your way out of it.

However, as humans we all have different plans or agenda(s) and more so our will differs. Your willingness to overcome situations that puts you on the hard spot is what will definitely make way for you. If you feel you’re capable to take it on never hesitate as the breakthrough will be your own glory.

  • Personality: Who you are is what gives you the ability to control and take over tour own situation. Your personal attitude towards your own self can be the greatest of all factors mentioned above.

To examine the things that are your major setback, you need to actually get to know yourself better than your problems. “If you know yourself and your enemy, the battle becomes easier and you have a winning chance”.

Knowing your personality, your strength will be the key to unlock doors to that secret weapon hidden inside of you – that will enable you overcome every single obstacles in your way.

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3). Defeat Your Fear

If eventually after striving so hard you finally read the previous points that educates on “how to find your strength”, now you need to use that strength to defeat your fear.

Fear has been defined as ” a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat”. Another version defines fear as “a phobia, a sense induced by something or someone.

Pay attention to the funniest definition I have for fear. It says ” fear is the extreme veneration or awe, as towards a supreme being or anything that has greater power over you “.

4). Concentrate on what’s Important

While we make our plans, we tend to forget that concentration is a very crucial catalyst that could either make everything go the right way or ruin all our plans. Trying to get yourself to do so many things at the same time will eventually make you loose concentration.

In business, I learnt a great deal about being able to concentrate. While I was trying to become a  great business man I made a terrible mistake by trying to establish ten’s of businesses at same time. Though in a very short time it flourished but this was a big hit back that drained all my supply leaving me with nothing in return.

I realised that I had to start over by establishing just one business and divert all attention on it. Believe me, this business actually was able to stand out in the competition.

Learning from this you should make sure to concentrate on one thing. The lesson I learnt from this is very simple. To become successful you need focus because putting your effort to do one thing first, grow one business first and it will make you or your business grow faster than diverting that effort on other things. You will be able to gather efforts and success is certain.

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 After reading this article, ask yourself if your fear is greater than you or if you have the right plan to fight and overcome your difficulties. Give yourself a breathing space and don’t be afraid to put things straight or start over.

Thank you for reading.