Instagram Followers growth: Get thousands of Instagram followers with this method.

Hi Legends, I have been searching through different methods that helps grow Instagram followers and increase engagement. Fortunately, I was able to think about a new method (not specifically new) weird method but you definitely will find this interesting.

In this article, I will be Sharing with you how to strategically grow your Instagram followers very fast with the ” Post-cont hashtag method”. We’ve all learn different ways online on how to grow your Instagram follower gradually using hashtags.

You read sometimes that;

You have to post about 2-3times daily, I answer “NO”.

You need to post unique contents that’ll keep your audience engaged, I say “YES”.

You must always engage with  your followers by appreciating them in the comment section’ I say “YES”.

You need to carefully select your hashtags if you really want to engage the right audience, I say “YES”.

However, upon using all listed methods, following several instructions, you still get no where close to getting your first one thousand  followers here’s a very good method that can hep you with that. Read on:

Like I stated earlier this method is called ” The Post-Count Hashtag method”. Why is it called so?

This method deals with consistency , and the success of your Instagram followers growth is determined by the total number or quantity of posts you share daily using some certain hashtags. Is this all? No.

After reading so many articles that tell or advice you to share photos and videos just about 2-3times daily on Instagram, I found out that you might just get nowhere if you keep going that rate. Except for celebrities, well known entrepreneurs who have already built a successfully guaranteed fan base, you could never compare yourself to them if you’re a starter.

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Let’s get to work. I’ll keep this short as possible.

If you check our page for Legends Motivation in the screenshot below, you see in less than one month of launching we got about 1k followers.

Lemo Instagram Page screenshot

It’s a bit larger than the normal result expected but its a great discovery.

By using some certain hashtags, i discover you can’t just engage your photos and videos only but you could also build a fast follower base Instagram page.

Before I write full method, please note I stated earlier “its a rule of consistency” if you can’t work it out, it won’t just work itself. Let’s go.

After creating your Instagram account, you need to set a much you’d like to connect with. I always like to connect with “Entrepreneurs” probably that’s my niche.

When you search through some hashtags on Instagram, you will e able to see how.many people subscribed to those hashtags. Choose the ones that fit your niche and create a list of 15 regular hashtags.

Create good eye catching photos that can bring about interaction in the comment section.

To save time of copying hashtags you could simply edit precious photo and copy your hashtags.

Point to Note: Never paste hashtags into a post after it has been published. You can only publish it along(same time as) the post— photo—Video. That’s when I becomes so effective and gets you a good result.

If you’ve done the steps mentioned above perfectly, for that particular post you share, you should get nothing less than three new followers, at least. That is where the real work begins, and do not forget “Its about consistency”.

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All you have to do now is publish new photos every fifteen minutes. Isn’t this overwhelming? That’s right. ” Great results requires great sacrifices “.

See your outcome calculation;

This is a projection of result you get daily, weekly and yearly.

Posting photos/Videos at 15minutes interval for about 20hours daily.

It means you have to share at least or about four photos every hour and total of 80photos in 20hours daily. If you could accomplish this,m step, you happily get yourself three followers per post, twelve followers per hour and 240 followers daily. This is so difficult to some people, but don’t forget ” You have to work for what you need”.

According to my calculation, you get a total of 1,200(one thousand and two hundred) followers weekly (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Adding Saturdays and Sundays, you get extra 480(four hundred and eighth) followers equals 1,680(one thousand six hundred and eighth) followers and a total of 4,800(four thousand eight hundred) followers every month excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

If you could successfully accomplish this method, you get a total of 57,600 followers in one year. That’s a huge reward for your consistency.

I have not been known to recommending anything that have not worked for me. There are several hundreds of Instagram software that can help you schedule posts for your account. You’ll have to work on it too but it saves you time of going back to Instagram every 15minutes. All you need to do is set your posts for auto-publish.

In the next article I will create a list of good software you could easily use for this purpose. Both free and paid. Of course many would prefer the free but it actually depends on what result you need to achieve.

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