In the first series of this article published on Alltig, so much has been shared about motivation but I feel a need to add more sauce and polish this article again here on Legends Motivation.

If there’s a need ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you define motivation?
  • Do you have or need a reason to be motivated?
  • Why is motivation important?

Being motivated has to do with your emotional well-being. How you react to situations and occurrences around you at large.

It goes with the trend of circumstances and situations that concerns every part and step of our lives.


Here are some five simple tips that can help you find your motivation;


  • Purpose

You need to live every single day with a genuine living reason and purpose.

Many wake up and sleep every day doing nothing, while on the other hand, some wake up get to work only for working sake.  Your lifestyle, your motivation your lifeline is all tagged into the purpose you live for. Always understand you can only go forward if there’s something you want to achieve.


  • Ambition

The word “Ambition “ as it sounds very close relative to “Purpose” why?  I structure this as “No purpose, No Ambition” that’s what life teaches us every single day.

If you do not know what to look for, what would you look for?

(Tobex Quotes)

same goes for ambition and purpose they are inseparable brothers that says you need a purpose to chase your ambitions.


  • Privilege and Opportunity

There has been a common wise word that says “Opportunity lost can never be regained” This actually hit the fact that could keep every human less motivated. Without getting an opportunity and not being able to create one for yourself,  believe me you’ll always be left with nothing to be motivated about.

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Like I mentioned in the first two points before, your purpose and ambition(s) (if a strong one)  will surely give you a solid opportunity and change unfavorable circumstances to your advantage.  That means you need to work harder on those two  (Purpose and Ambition) and it will create an awesome privileged.


  • Action and Doings

It has been annoying when we get to see people who throw away opportunities at will and they end up with regrets on how to get another. It doesn’t work that way.  Behind every (successful) opportunities there are loads of actions that needs to be taken to make it worth the effort and time.

A quote says “If you do nothing, you get nothing” , same applies to opportunities you do not work toward.  It’ll surely go away but when you keep your action straight along with your ambition and make your purpose clean, the opportunities will never pass you.


  • Achievements

Keeping a good and detailed record of your precious achievements can be a very good source of motivation for further endeavors and actions. It could be records from high school, competitions, seminars, conferences and more. it could be from personal business. This helps you make decisions in a more boulder way which will help you see yourself as capable of taking on a new challenge in whatever you do.



Every single thing I put together here is gathered from experience and I think you should check out this simple illustration below;


“My name is Tobi Oluwatoyin, I am a an entrepreneur, blogger and digital marketer who cares so much about teaching people (especially young entrepreneurs) about the way of life and how to cope with difficult situations.  (This clearly states the purpose of my ambition.  “Being a blogger so I can touch lives” that’s it).

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Being able to start blogging at the age of nineteen has made the impact of my articles so real that makes me happy to do more.  (This clearly states the opportunity I had “privileged to start blogging at the age of nineteen”, what action I took and here my achievement became my biggest motivation).


NB: This article shares my personal motivation towards blogging.  It reveals what has kept me up so well.  With this, I hope you find it helpful and cope with the situations around you.

Thank you for reading.