Six years ago Stephanie George, an entrepreneur in a powerful marketing field in New York city encountered a vast and unlikely options in her sought. Just ever like she wanted, things weren’t going her way and work itself was tiring, she had lots of busy days and scheduled meetings with investors and entrepreneurs of sorts but it’s wasn’t motivating like she wanted and her expectations were out of zone.

She rarely feels alone and like any other day, she was just rejected and her proposal to some investors were denied as well. “wow did I just heard that?”

“We’re sorry, this isn’t going to work out.. These are junks” she still couldn’t fathom on her head how the judgement about the proposal came but she definitely know it was somewhat out of depth. She was going through emotional trauma and things hasn’t been quite cool like she preferred. They rejected her proposal without a trial at all and with a bad guts phrase of rejection.

“Why aren’t this going to work out? This is a business thing that’ll bring millions of dollars, why are they refusing this?” she shouted with confusion, likely frustration and scattered the line works on her desk. She released three buttons of her shirt and stands to grab a bottle of whiskey from the refrigerator in her office.

“Sorry, we can’t lend you the full money. We have to be sure we aren’t on the loss and since you don’t have a worthy collateral for this, we might as well take this back if we noticed any unfortunate circumstances appropriately, that’s as far we can go ma’am, sorry” was the response from the bank personnel concerning the loan she wanted for the project when no financial aid turned up for assistance.

She wanted to give up, totally on the verge and dream of entrepreneur. At first she was getting it, or thought she was until dreams became bigger and she aspired more than who and what she was. She wanted to give up on those dreams, continue the business she was earlier into and forget about her idea until one day she was surfing the internet did she came across where she path WITH SIX CONSIDERATION BEFORE GIVING UP AND THE IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGIES.

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She scrolled through the contents of the website that fortunate day and saw the answers particularly to the trauma she was facing, it wasn’t like she was a first timer entrepreneur but she felt the importance and appropriate ingredients of what she somewhat unheed when it’s now an unfortunate turn of situations.

She was glad she path with a reminder of the basics and more glad she saw every answers to all she needed instead of giving up but within her she couldn’t felt peace and done, what she needed was accumulated to $100, 000 U.S dollars and what was left in her bank account wasn’t at all half of the money.

It’s seemed crazy to her and the business she invented wasn’t even earning her close to what she needed. She thought of possibly considerations by taking an exceeding option of going for lower chances of $40,000 U.S dollars and took proper rates in checking out what she needed for the project. She re-calculated all she needed again by fixing some of what she needed out of list only to discover that it wasn’t even going to work out successfully and it was totally not an Option.

She strategies again but all gave the same result, she put in several basics of Strategy but it still gave the same result over and over, she also thought of partnership with a friend who is also a business entrepreneur but when she considered more options discovered that it was neither an option likewise. It will only gave/result to what she doesn’t support since the project was all her idea.

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She revisited again for more answers and was at a time the website was having a spectacular week of entrepreneurs where she came across more answers to her questions from the Garyvee week the website was having on their Instagram page.


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She found herself devoted to the website in due time and follow more of their post in more weeks till she couldn’t have a day without visiting the website and visiting its social handles due to their relevancy, consistency and continued working out her sole business until a year after. A very splendid afternoon did she got a bank statement account of over $300,000 U.S dollars credited into her account by one of her client in addition to her money kept safely in the bank account.

Wow, she did made fortunes in just one year of applying some of business strategies and their relevant in entrepreneurs weeks over a year. She had even gotten over the $100,000 U.S dollars she wanted for a project a year ago by applying specifically changes in the business she thought would not bring her huge ransom.

NOTE: Stephanie George wanted to invest in a business project of $100,000 U.S dollars a year ago but got a bank statement record of $300,000 U.S dollars from just a client a year after.

Her total bank statement account wasn’t specified a year ago when she wanted $100,000 U.S dollars for a project and wasn’t specified likewise after a year she got an alert of $300,000 U.S dollars credited into her bank account by a client.

However likewise, it wasn’t specified what she was doing all through that one year she got rejected by investors and the entrepreneurs she relayed a business project that will bring millions of dollars alongside the bank which rejected her proposal for loan. If she had remained in her corporate business that one year without having to make the business idea she has a year ago successfully after crucial considerations and had made more money a year after, then it means that

  • She ended up being patience without having to go along with the $40,000 U.S dollars that wouldn’t bring out what she sought. Then having to wait a year before it was specified just a client sent her $300,000 dollars means she’s been staying and working out whatever comes from her dying likely business.

[ Be Patience When Things Aren’t Working out, don’t manage Or Rush It.. Give it Time]


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Giving up wasn’t an Option to her, she could have gave up after several failed attempts in her pursued dreams especially when she got rejected by most influential entrepreneurs and investors.

[ Never Give Up On Your Set Goals, Giving Up Is Never An Option.. Stephanie George didn’t Give up And Just A Year After She Made More Money On Her Self Business ]

  •  She stayed relevant to the right entity by engaging herself with what she does. A president works with his cabinet members in order to have a meaningful governance in whichever countries he head, so does she engaged and involve herself with entrepreneurs through that serves as the link to her success story.

[ Always Stay Relevant To Whatever You Do, Be surrounded With Likely Options of Business Careers]

I hope you learn a bit of encouragement and hope from the little side story of Stephanie George. Do share your thoughts and let’s relate thriving questions you might be having, we’re there to help out.


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