Meet Timothy S. Kim, an entrepreneur with a lifestyle you can learn from.

Tim is an entrepreneur and self-made Korean American immigrant, He went to the United States from Budapest, Hungary at the age of 18. and by the age of 31 he had became a self-made millionaire. He’s currently the VP at a privately-owned mid-sized company, and has given away over $45,000 in cash and products on his personal finance blog with more slated to come.

According to Tim, one of his many goals is to give away millions of dollars a year to aspiring entrepreneurs and to those in need.

Timothy S. Kim is currently the Vice President (Procurement and Inventory Management) of a mid-sized company based out of Orange County, in California, United States. He stated on his page this company has 5 branches and 70 employees.

Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Management, which he obtained from Biola University. He is also a certified personal trainer and licensed corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

You don’t need to be intelligent in order to be wealthy. Instead, Tim says you just need to learn what highly successful people did to become rich and copy them.

According to his story, he is a Korean American immigrant who was born in South Korea, and grew up in post-communist Hungary, Budapest in eastern Europe. Communism fell there in 1989 (soviet troops left Hungary by 1991). That same year, when he was 5, his parents moved the family from Korea to Hungary to do local missions work.

Timothy S. Kim moved to California during his elementary school years, but moved back to Hungary and stayed there from middle school through high school. Upon graduating, he immigrated back to California with a vision and became a US citizen.

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According to Timothy S. Kim, he loves to teach and inspire. He genuinely enjoy developing ,and talking about: finance, investing, career, fitness, faith, and life. Kim, 31, officially became a millionaire in 2017 and was featured by Business Insider and CNBCmakeit in 2018. Now with a net worth of over $1.32 million, he also manages the personal finance blog where he hosts cash giveaways to readers and learners.

But even after becoming a millionaire, Kim says he still adheres to his simple formula, which is why he spent over $70,000 in six months on mentorship from highly influential people.

Timothy S. Kim with tech billionaire Naveen Jain.

He points to real estate mogul and investor Grant Cardone, who has a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio.

“That’s someone who’s already made it and is successful,” So why wouldn’t I want to pay him to learn what he knows?”

says Kim.

However, Kim says you don’t have to pay for mentorship to receive quality advice, according to experts. Simply find someone who has the experience that you are looking to gain and who is willing to teach you what they know. This can be in person or by learning through the results they have produced.

Timothy S. Kim with 10X Boss Grant Cardone

In fact, Kim notes that he uses free online resources such as YouTube and he reads books authored by successful people to learn what they know.

“If somebody is already doing it so well, you just have to do what they’re doing.”

-Timothy S. Kim

According to research, even highly successful people have sought out expert advice to copy, when they’re not skilled in a particular field or if they’re starting out in their careers. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates refers to billionaire Warren Buffett as his mentor on investments and Apple founder Steve Jobs took Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg under his wing during the early years of his company.

Tim believes money is not the end goal.

Despite the fact that Tim has been actively busy, he doesn’t want to be the richest man in the graveyard.

When his household hit the millionaire status in 2017, he thought there would be trumpet fanfare, multi-colored skittles shooting out of both ends of a rainbow, and leprechauns holding hands dancing in a circle. However, Nothing changed.

No fanfare, no rainbows, no leprechauns. In that moment, he had a bit of an emotional breakdown. You’d think I’d be happy, because becoming a millionaire was a long-held goal and dream of mine.? He thought it would feel fantastic. But instead, he felt like a “barely-millionaire.” A short dip in the markets would’ve brought him hurtling back down to non-millionaire status.

Tim started reflecting more on what it meant to have wealth. Like, what’s the end goal? To have $2 million? What then? To have $3 million? And would he would feel the same way every time he hit those milestones.

POINT TO NOTE: At the end of the day, when I’m in my coffin being lowered down into my grave: all the money in my bank accounts — my IRAs, my 401ks, my taxable accounts — will mean nothing. I’d be as dead as every other person in that graveyard. No different.

-Timothy S. Kim

So here’s Tim’s important: Legacy

It’s what lasts!

“Since money is transient, I hunger much more for legacy.” he says.

He wants to create an impact on the world, an impact on society, in communities, all over the globe! He wants to create businesses that employs tens of thousands of people!

There will come a day when my motherland, North and South Korea, will be unified once more (hopefully sooner than later; once we trounce the tyrannical regime over there in North Korea) and I want to be there opening factories and businesses so that people can earn livable wages.

He also want to bring in missionaries and plant local churches and create schools for the children, so that they can have a standard education like every other kid in the rest of the world.

These are his plans. These are his goals. And even as I’m writing this, I’m getting motivated with excitement just thinking about it! Tim’s ambition can change the world

Tim’s Encouragement to you

It’s never too early to start thinking about your legacy. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. How do you want to touch the lives of others? What enduring legacies do you want to leave behind to your children, your community, your loved ones?

Be intentional! Support causes that you believe in and that are important to you and your values! Be an example of leadership within your circle of influence so that you can positively affect others.

Lastly, be intentional about sharing your blessings with others. Whether it’s financially, with your time and energy, or mentoring others through your own personal journey and experience.

There really is no use in being the richest man in the graveyard. Get your legacy going now and start impacting the world! What will it be for you?, how would you change this world?

Timothy Seonghwa Kim is the founder of the personal finance and career blog, . He’s on a mission to help generation Y and Z become financially literate, and strives to be a good mentor for people. You can find him on Instagram on Twitter as well as on Facebook too.