During my journey as an entrepreneur, i have encountered so many challenges as well as difficulties with making money and i am pretty sure the same thing applies to many if not all entrepreneurs out there. Learning from others lifestyle, from business men and women around the world and exclusively from my personal life, i will be sharing detailed tips about ten reasons why your business is not making money even while you think everything is set.

If you ever feel like your business is lacking growth in one way or the other “not necessarily financial issues”, then this article is for you. Read on.

What us a Business: Often and often I have seen so many people talk and discuss about starting a business but believe me most if them don’t even know what type of business they need to start and what appropriate time they should start. Most time I can see people only think the goal of every business is all about making money. Don’t get me wrong, every one does business to make money, earn a living and setup great things. However, money should never be the first  goal of a business. I will explain reasons in the outlines below. Back to our question ” What Is a business? “.

A business is an organization or enterprise engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities to either produce, sell goods or services to satisfy human/economic needs/wants”.

Point to Note: Satisfying human wants comes first before you can make food money from  your business.

10 Reasons Your Business isn’t Making money.

1) Wrong Business:

Tough decisions are to be made when starting or trying to start a business.  Here’s a list of factors to be considered before starting a business;

*Factor 1 – Do I love this business?